Walk Into the New Year Without Foot Pain

The average person walks more than a mile or two each day, and many more have a goal of achieving 5 miles or more. No matter how far you go, that adds up to a whole lot of time on your feet. If you try to cover that ground with aching toes, soles, or ankles, your entire quality of life diminishes. At the Center for Podiatric Care and Sports Medicine, we want to help New Yorkers overcome foot pain.

Start the new year on the right foot, literally. Follow these tips to create happier, healthier, pain-free feet this year. And if your at-home efforts don’t alleviate pain, contact one of our offices for help.

Achieve a healthy weight

If you’re overweight or obese, your feet have to bear greater force with each step. Maintain a healthy weight so your feet don’t have to work as hard.

Pick smart shoes

Heels can be sassy and flip-flops convenient, but both can do a number on your foot function and feel. Heels shift your weight forward and contribute to the development of foot problems, including bunions and heel pain.

Flip-flops don’t provide support for your feet, and if you regularly don these convenient slip-ons, you’re putting yourself at risk for foot pain.  Choose supportive shoes with no more than one inch of a lift. 

Athletic shoes are a good choice, but not always practical for more formal work wear. We can help you find the right pair of shoes and offer orthotics to support your foot and correct your gait to alleviate pain.

Have your feet measured

When you do go shoe shopping, have your feet measured, or let us do it for you. If you’re still wearing the same size you wore in high school, your shoes are probably all wrong. Plus, it’s not unusual to have one foot that’s larger than the other. Buy shoes to fit the larger foot.

Trim nails carefully

Ingrown toenails can make for painful, infected toes. Always cut your nails straight across with sharp nail scissors. Never round the edges, as this encourages the sides to grow into the tissue around the nail.

Stay flexible

Tight calves stress your ankles and the balls of your feet. We can show you physical therapy exercises to stretch your calves, including using a foam roller and other stretches. These efforts take just a few minutes but provide you a world of relief when it comes to your feet.

Seek podiatric care

If you’re already suffering foot pain, we have solutions. Whether it’s plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon pain, or a bunion, our team can help. We offer customized orthotics, injections, exercises, and splints. For stubborn foot pain, we can explore laser therapy and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections.

If you’re not sure why your feet are hurting, come in for a thorough evaluation. We welcome all men and women from the New York City area. Whether you’re an athlete, a weekend warrior, or a professional, we have answers for your pain.

Call our office or schedule an appointment using our online tool and make the first step to relieving your feet. Don’t continue to endure foot pain in 2020. 

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